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Why do you need our Facilitation services?

If you already are in medical tourism market, our professional hospitality services team will assist you to develop your services.

We will serve your patients with our full and VIP services and we will make a good memories of you and your medical center in her or his mind.

We will have a contract with you and your patients will not pay us any.

بازاریابی و جذب توریست پزشکی sos


بازاریابی توریسم پزشکی

VIP hospital services

VIP services in hospitals and clinics

بازاریابی توریسم پزشکی


Providing you accommodations at affordable prices

برندینگ پزشکی

۲۴ Hours assistant

We accompany you during your medical trip to your departure.

برندینگ پزشکی


Proper nursing care for proper post-op recovery

برندینگ پزشکی


Long-term follow-up by phone, video call, Whats App, etc.

برندینگ پزشکی

Insurance and Guarantee

In case of any medical malpractice, revision treatment is provided gratis with hotel & flight

بازاریابی و جذب توریسم پزشکی sos

Trip planning

Have your flight and hotel organized by us after treatment confirmation

برندینگ پزشکی


City sightseeing tours available for all patients

بازاریابی و جذب توریسم پزشکی sos

Medical consultation

expert medical consultation provided for free

برندینگ پزشکی

Online support

Medical cFind your treatment (medical / cosmetic), ask for information online

بازاریابی و جذب توریسم پزشکی sos

Airport pickup

Airport pick-up and private transfer upon your arrival at airport

برندینگ پزشکی

Keep contact with doctor

Keep in touch with your doctor after treatment